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About Sabrina Breanna


I’m Sabrina! I am originally from Chicago and now reside in Atlanta. I am 27 years old, and I have been natural my entire life never receiving a perm. I, however, was addicted to straight hair and faithfully getting my hair flat ironed and pressed once a week. This unfortunately did lead to considerable heat damage by time I was 18 years old. When I moved to Atlanta for college, I decided to transition to 100% natural hairstyles by flat ironing my hair less and wearing my curly styles more. This was a big learning curve for me since I never wore my curly hair out. Before transitioning, my hair was either in a protective style like a bun/ braids or I had it pressed to a straight style. After transitioning, there were a lot of times I had a big fluffy and frizzy afro or I wore a protective flat twist. My college years included alot of practice on cute hairstyles, alot of fails, ALOT of bad hair days, alot of patience, and alot of trials and errors; but I eventually got it. 

Now I am here, a college graduate from the illustrious HBCU Clark Atlanta University and owner of Sabrina Breanna Skincare and Haircare. Over the years as I have gotten better and now get asked pretty often about my hair and how I care for it. This was a pretty hard question to answer since I have always created my own haircare to make the exact product I was looking for but could not find. 

I created my business to offer my secrets to the world. In the future, I am going to be posting tips and tricks on how I use my products to create the perfect wash and go and haircare routine. I am going to show different styles we curly girls can rock no matter if we are new to this curly hair game or natural curl veterans. Stay tuned, feel free to contact me with questions or comments ( I love interacting with y'all), and SHOP WITH ME!!


I decided to create my skincare part of my business for several reasons. The biggest reason is for my mom. I have been making body butter almost as long as I have been making my own haircare products. I got into making my own body butters because my mom is severely allergic to all sulfates. If you haven't noticed almost all soaps and shampoos you pick up include a sulfate of some type, form or fashion.

My mom also has very sensitive skin and eczema. Because of this I had to be even more careful of the things I would buy for her as gifts. Instead of stressing myself out so much about what I would get her I started making my own products. When we noticed my body butters help fade her scars faster, and fade the effects of her eczema my mom, friends, and family all pushed me to start my own business. So here I am, selling body butters, soaps, body scrubs, and a face oils. I am sure I will add more at some time down the line. 

In all of my products it is a promise I will never use any parabens, sulfates, or formaldehydes.

I truly hope my products help you and please feel free to share your styles or updates to your healthy skincare and haircare my social media platforms. Having healthy skincare and haircare should the priority for everyone and you can rest assured that it definitely is for me. 

Instagram and Facebook: @sabrinabreannaskincarehaircare

Sabrina Breanna wearing a twist out.